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Stretch ceiling or decorative wall panel does not require extensive installation effort. The only preparation requirement that it applies to the house structure is that walls, ceiling or roof, and electrical wiring has to be finished before installation starts. The post-installation cleaning is not required, as stretch ceiling does not use adhesive materials, cement, paint etc. The process of installing the stretch ceiling products is streamlined and simple. The stretch ceiling membranes are usually extended by ~4% during the installation process. This guarantees that the membrane will remain flat and will not sag.


Manufactured with PVC material, the ceiling is provided with excellent insulation function, which can numerously lower the loss of interior temperature, especially the place where turn on air-condition frequently. Its principle is the same as diver wearing PVC divined to delay body temperature from losing in seawater. Furthermore, the surface of the ceiling is made by the principle of film screen. You will find numerous concave and wale if scrutinize surface, which are designed for the purpose of strengthening reflection. Therefore, we encourage the users to install wall lamp or reflection light for better illumination effect, which also reduces lamp quantity.
What is Stretch Ceiling ?
Stretch Ceiling technology was invented in Europe as an interior enhancement. The essence of the product is the use of a thin plastic film stretched within a firm frame (profile). The shape of such installation is defined by the hidden profile, while the beauty comes from the film, which can be of any color, finish, and transparency. This technology is an essential tool for architects, interior designers, decorators, and construction contractors, and is rapidly expanding in North America. Stretched fabric ceiling installation simply involves affixing a light weight, highly durable film or a decorative fabric that is made from high quality materials to a framing construction that will hold it stretched in place. Our films are environmentally friendly, sound and energy efficient, non-allergenic, non-flammable, waterproof, durable, dust free, and easy to clean and maintain. Consequently, the material can be effortlessly mounted or relocated, without leaving any damage behind. Our frames (profiles) can be created in a variety of shapes including rectangular, oval, flat, curved, or three dimensional. Our membranes can be translucent or opaque. Film may also be layered or incorporate decorative lighting elements. Often a printed image is applied to the material, decorative wall panel, or 3D structure.
Roof Design
Do you love the classic style of the interior ? Or do you like Art Nouveau? Stretch ceilings can be inscribed in absolutely any interior design. Minimalism, hi -tech, baroque, modern or ethnic style, and many others. Our designers will help you decide. They are ready to develop any project, and professional team of builders and decorators of Top ceiling make it a reality.
The leakage of the roof during heavy rains or plumbing break at neighbors from above is not a rear thing. Owners of the regualr ceilings have to spend a lot of time and money to fully restore the room. Repair and renovation of walls and ceiling, replacement or cleaning expensive carpets, curtains and furniture costs tainted “tidy” amount. Owners of stretch ceiling of our company are secured from such hassles. If there was a leak, then you need